We're so thrilled!
Our brand new website was picked up by a local newspaper, "Nagasaki Shinbun."
It's been less than a month since we started thinking about our website's framework, and everything seems to have been really quick.

Though it's not one of those national papers, we believe in the power of media, of the Internet, and word of mouth. No matter how small our group is, we hope we would be of some help to those who are suffering from the disorder. We sincerely hope so.

Special thanks to Mr. Yamada, who gave us a helping hand to spread information about us. We'll keep moving forward!!


Here is the summary of the article
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SUMMARY of an article on Nagasaki Newspaper --------------

A bilingual website (Japanese/English) about Kanemi Yusho Disease has been set up this month and started spreading information both domestically and internationally. As we don't have any other website run by a private group similar to this, it could be a useful information source for victims.

 The site is run by a group named "Yurick and her Friends (Y&F)", who originally met each other through an English learning SNS. They found that one of their friends, 'Yurick' (online name), is suffering from an unexplained illness, and started learning about Kanemi Yusho.

 They began collecting information about the incident, in the hope that they would make this issue widely known to the public.

 One of the members, Mika Mizuno says:
‘I feel we need to make our brand-new site much more informative in order to reach out for as many potential victims as possible.’